Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Carlin Kielcheski, a Force for the Arts

I want to honor a friend who has been a true supportor of the arts. Recently, I received an invitation to attend a show of artwork by Lt. Col. Carlin Kielcheski (ret.) at the United States Air Force Academy. I've known Carlin for many years and have admired him as an artist who paints strong, well-designed watercolors. However, it's his devotion to integrating the arts into a military education that makes him outstanding. While many believed that there was no room in the service academies for art classes, Kielcheski debated this issue with senators and generals, keeping the program alive. He has been a positive influence among many academy graduates including a Medal of Honor recipient, an all-American football player, some very accomplished artists and many who have a great love and regard for the arts because of him. I salute Carlin for his achievements and service.
For those of you who have access to the USAFA, his show is at the Permanent Professors Art Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Fairchild Building and runs from November 1st to December 8th, 2009.