Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Snow #2

Hi friends, this is the back door to my studio. Only a week ago the day Lillis were sending up shoots of green now they are waiting under blanket of white. Still working on the "Buck stops here" . The concept remains, but I am seeking more drama. Darker tones are pushing the light antlers and skulls . I'm seeking a statement . I'll let the viewer determine what it might be. Art should leave room for the imagination . Just as I roll scenarios around in my head,so should the viewer. Soon the bucks will no longer be a product of the world. So joy to the fish in the deep blue sea and the bucks up a tree. Thinking
of large paintings of steam engines in cool lights and warm darks. I think I'll do a series . Big acrylics coming at you 60x60 or larger. Call it rust belt memoirs. TJ Owen

Saturday, March 28, 2009

From the Smoky Mt rain to the Rocky Mt snow

Hi friends and fellow watercolor artists. I just returned from the rainy Smokies to the white of a spring blizzard here in the Rockies. I was conducting a workshop ( at the Kanuga camp and conference center near Asheville NC with instructors Batt, Cadillac, Conover, Fong , Getz, McLain, Morris, Reyner, Rothermel, Salminen, and Zagotta. Other notables giving short programs and having studios where Carrie Brown, Linda Baker, and M.E." Mike " Bailey. A great bunch of artists, and not a single curmudgeon. I've known all of them for their art; now I know them as the interesting folks they are. Robbie Laird and Will Rasmussen run a great Workshop! Now it's back to the studio with a renewed sense of purpose thanks to these new friends and the fine students I had the privilege of instructing. I'll post my painting (started in the workshop) "the Buck Stops Here" as soon as I complete it.