Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi friends and watercolor followers. "The buck Stops Here" has been completed. This 22"x 30" was started as a workshop demo on creating weathered wood. Most of the wood was completed in the demo. 1st masking fluid was applied over the buck skulls. 2Nd waterproof ink was added to the shadows and the sky.3rd the side of the cabin was wet and thick ultramarine blue,copper kettle,and cobalt Violette were drug down over the wood siding using a scrape of mat board. 4Th the shadows were defined with transparent glazes of blue ,green,and sienna. Next a wash cerulean was glazed over the sky and allowed to run down. The foreground was darkened to push the lights and lead the eye into the painting. final details were added . This is based on real place ,along some Colorado back road,one more stop in the artistic journey. Tom

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