Monday, April 27, 2009

Front Range Red

" Front Range Red" is an abstraction inspired by the free standing red rock
formations that run north to south along the front range of the Colorado Rockies. They are known by names like : Garden of the Gods, Perry Park, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Red Rocks Park, Red Canyon, and Roxborough Park. When the Rocky Mountains up -lifted the sandstone of an ancient coast line was broken and flipped on its side,erosion did the rest.
You can view the steps in the three images. Watercolor impasto on wet paper, red ochre gesso overlays with lifts and scrapes,and a finish with white gesso and watercolor mixed.
" Sukey "from Washington State e-mailed and said she was painting
tulips blooming in the rain and wondered how I liked spring with a
parka. Guess what it's snowing again and tomorrow is humming bird
day. I think they'll stay in the valley.


  1. Hey Tom!! Thanks for coming by my blog. it's good to hear from you and to see more of your work here in the blogsphere! Did you happen to run into Mark Mehaffey at teh CWS show and workshop?

    Here's to the end of that lousy snow, eh?!

  2. Hi Tom, I found your blog through Mike Bailey's blog. I find these abstractions exciting. I think I'll subscribe to your blog and come back for more!