Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reef Fossils,Combined media on paper mounted on canvas

Combined media on paper,mounted on canvas.
These are really fun! I use this method for many abstracts paintings,also. First, mono print a mix of acrylic modeling paste and gel medium on Fabriano 140 lb rough artistico to create bone like textures. Continue painting wet in wet over the paper with acrylics,watercolor, and India inks to revel forms. Opaque colors are used to paint around fossil forms. Lastly emphasize bone textures by sanding the high spots. Mount on gallery wrapped canvas using acrylic gel medium as a glue. Spray with a fixative,then varnish. Let your imagination go,be inventive. My college students love this way of working. They come up great variations on this theme.


  1. This looks real fun. I want to try it soon. Going to Italy on Thursday so it will have to wait for a little time. Thanks for posting this cool idea.

  2. Hi Tom. I'm a friend of Connie. She was in your Kanuga class and recommended your blog for creative ideas. She was right! Can't wait to try this one!