Saturday, March 28, 2009

From the Smoky Mt rain to the Rocky Mt snow

Hi friends and fellow watercolor artists. I just returned from the rainy Smokies to the white of a spring blizzard here in the Rockies. I was conducting a workshop ( at the Kanuga camp and conference center near Asheville NC with instructors Batt, Cadillac, Conover, Fong , Getz, McLain, Morris, Reyner, Rothermel, Salminen, and Zagotta. Other notables giving short programs and having studios where Carrie Brown, Linda Baker, and M.E." Mike " Bailey. A great bunch of artists, and not a single curmudgeon. I've known all of them for their art; now I know them as the interesting folks they are. Robbie Laird and Will Rasmussen run a great Workshop! Now it's back to the studio with a renewed sense of purpose thanks to these new friends and the fine students I had the privilege of instructing. I'll post my painting (started in the workshop) "the Buck Stops Here" as soon as I complete it.


  1. Hey Tom!! Keep posting! I can't wait to see your new stuff here. Meanwhile, drop around to mine.

    Glad you made it home safe.

  2. You've GOT to come back to Kanuga soon so I can take your class again. What a great teacher I had there with you, Tom! Thanks, Connie